And so here comes iPod with video play


<rant>For those who said will never have an iPod with video, please dig out your message from somewhere and try to say something. Or you could explain. Right.</rant>

Turn out Apple 都係出左會 play video 既 iPod。之前 SJ 0係各個發佈會同記者會死口話唔會有 D 咁既野,比如 “It’s the music, stupid!” 同0係度播 Dr. Jones 掘遺跡片。我話:SJ 唔係聖人(緃然,佢有遠見),佢係一個商家佬,而商家佬,係會講大話既,亦都可能有時會走漏眼。所以一向都係唔係好信 SJ 所以一向都係唔係好信佢講野。相信之前講既係大話,用黎當然就係分散對手既注意力啦。因為 Apple 知道其他人都睇佢頭囉。就好似以前細個0個陣聰明既同學同你講話唔溫書,你信唔信呢?Apple 都係要市場0者。

Apple 下步會出咩?Let Apple surprise you. I think that is more fun in that way.

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