A quick look on what M$ is doing on the RSS 2.0 with SSE

Yes, if you are a frequent visitor to The Register, you may notice that M$ is going to extends RSS by giving more extensions to it via namespace. This, of course, is not the first “defile” to , as Apple did the same thing before by giving iTunes-exclusive extension to . But well, for M$, considering its conduct… umm.. Things will turn out that the extension will become the part of the standard and will flush out the readers on the market which don’t support the extension… sigh…

Anyway, let’s focus on it. SSE (Simple Sharing Extensions, not the Intel tech with the same name) is a way to let users collaborate on the same feed. This include merging of feeds from other authors, filtering out those you don’t want to appear and add in your own items (or edit), and publish a new one. Right, a bit sounds like CVS/SVN working model on RSS, but this is de-centralized and everybody can have his own version of feed.

Sounds interesting. What this thing can do though? If they succeed promoting it, it could efficiently wipe out existing popular services, namely technorati, del.icio.us, NewsGator, because now the feed itself can do their tasks! Let’s see… I really love this semantic web War~

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