Minor update on Trackping Separator

As you may have noticed, Blog has just posted out the guidelines on migrating WP plugins to 2.1. So I’ve did it in the morning, change a few SQL lines, plus adding a %date variable to the listtrackping() function (in order to completely eliminate the need of an evil trackback/pingback loop), and here comes Trackping Separator 1.1.1.

中文:WordPress Blog 終於寫了 WordPress 插件過渡至 2.1 的注意事項。除了改了幾句 SQL 以外,也為 listtrackping() 加了新的 %date 變數,希望大家會徹底放棄使用 trackback/pingback 迴圈吧。詳情請至 TSP Wiki.

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