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這個只有 36 行程式碼,邏輯上只有一句 if 來控制流程的插件居然沒有人弄過,真不敢相信。今天收到幾個留言,以為有人會來提我一下「這個插件早有人弄過了」,怎料到現在還是沒有 :P。倒是支援問題有一大堆,主要還是跟其他留言插件的相容性。希望這堆問題會在 0.2 版得以解決。

對了對了,今天早上收到另一封電郵,主要是關於 TPS 跟 threaded comments 的相容性問題。想了個解決辦法,如果沒問題我會更新 wiki 貼出來。其實這封信還問我可不可以捐錢的(有點受寵若驚了),想想這裏連 Google 廣告也擺了出來,不如直接向人家伸手拿錢吧(笑)。

I’m a bit surprised that no one ever made this 36-lines-only plugin. I expected someone would point me out there’s already another plugin that does the same thing, but till now I don’t receive a single complaint. OTOH, there are reports that this plugin doesn’t work peacefully with other comment-based plugin. I’m still studying and hopefully they could be solved in version 0.2.

Todo List:

  1. Linebreaks are automatically turn into <br />s
  2. Work with various plugins that make use of the old <textarea>
  3. Populate thge toolbar with useful functions

3 thoughts on “TinyMCEComments, 繼續

  1. i just updated your plugin to MCEComments 0.4.6 which works with 2.7 but when i try to add buttons in the admin area. i get this error. 

    Warning: Missing argument 1 for mcecomment_getInitJS(), called in /home/iman/public_html/wp-content/plugins/tinymcecomments/tinyMCEComments.php on line 105 and defined in /home/iman/public_html/wp-content/plugins/tinymcecomments/tinyMCEComments.php on line 211

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