WordPress 2.5 以及其他

大概是這段時間不停的打電動,不問世事,不知不覺間 2.5 也走出了 RC 階段推出正式版了。

這次比較明顯的改動應該是管理介面大修,看來好像比以前的版本簡潔。另外可以直接在管理介面裏直接下載和安裝更新這點也很棒(不過似乎趕絕了 wp-plugins.net 的生意哩)。此外,也有若干功能上的更新,我就不在此詳述了。

另外一件事,自己的插件 TinyMCEComments 也因為這次更新不能正常運作。所以花了點時間讓它和新版本兼容,版本號為 0.4.3。不過在新版 TinyMCE 的 JavaScript 還沒經 Gzip 壓縮,而且也沒使用快取,可能會有點佔頻寬。得花點時間慢慢搞了。

For your information, WordPress 2.5 just released last weekend, and does not work well with TinyMCEComments 0.4.2/0.4.2-1. A new version 0.4.3 which is compatible to the latest version is available for download.

4 thoughts on “WordPress 2.5 以及其他

  1. I just upgraded to the 0.4.3 version with WP 2.5.
    It seems that 0.4.3 breaks the RTL option, so hebrew/arabic can only be written in “push” mode, not the standard right-to-left mode which used to work in 0.4.2 and previous versions.


  2. Hello Hetz,

    Don’t know if this is the problem caused by TinyMCE itself (since TinyMCE of WP has upgraded to 3.0.2, opposed to 2.1.0 in WP 2.3.3). Do you experience the same thing in the TinyMCE editor in the admin dashboard?


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