(tiny)mceComments 0.4.4-1

近日有一外國朋友 ioannis 電郵告知,他為小弟久未動工的 插件更新。我想這就是對程式的「愛」吧,真叫身為原作者的我慚愧。

好吧,基本上這次比較明顯的改動是整個設定頁翻新,加進了預覽箱和讓按鈕設定更為彈性。其次將留言箱設定成可隨意調整大小。名字也改變了,不過原本他將 TinyMCE 和 Comments 分開,想了一下不如直接把 tiny 刪掉不是更好?

另外,自己也趁這次機會把早前沒放出去的修改順便推出。現在 TinyMCE 的工具提示和 HTML 編輯視窗都是人話而不是奇怪的外星語,也將過期的 get_settings() 換成 get_option()。總不能讓人家搶盡面子吧 XD

I feel ashamed after I know how ioannis devoted himself to the plugin. He added sereval new features to my hack, like doing a revamp on the settings page in dashboard and adding a lovely preview window. Though he also wishes to change the name of the plugin (by separating “TinyMCE” and “Comment”), I think it is better to make it shorter, which becomes “mceComments”. Sorry for the decision, hope you won’t mind 😛

Also I have fixed the bug which caused tooltips not display correctly in the editor window. Also the K2/AJAX Commenting support should be truly working.


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  1. Doesn’t works for me.  Previous version works – but shows code (not my language) when i am insert a link. This version doesn’t shown in my theme. I see options in my Admin interface – but the same errors (programming language when insert a link).
    Greetings from germany.

  2. @caschy Currently I couldn’t see the plugin is activated in your blog. Which version of WordPress and what theme you are using? It is possible the theme is not wrote in a standard way that the TinyMCE editor would not be triggered.

  3. Yeah – because its disabled. And when i try to activate – nothing will shown. I use K2 with WP 2.5.1. The last version of tinycomments will shown in my theme – but with the missing translation when i  try to create a link.

  4. Thanks for this plugin, very nice stuff!
    Now, my site also uses a non-english language translation for wordpress (spanish), and I guess my problem is somewhatsimilar to caschy’s. This seems to cause this plugin to show funny strings in the tooltips and in the “insert link” dialog. It does work, but I’d rather display properly formatted English strings instead of the funny programming codes (which are also in some sort of english). You can check this problem in my blog here.
    Curiosly, when using TinyMCE inside WordPress / Admin – Visual editor – in my blog, the “insert link” dialog displays the proper messages in Spanish properly formatted. Having this in your plugin would be even better.
    Finally the “insert link” button is always grayed out unless you manually select some text. It would be more user-friendly to leave it always enabled, since the “insert link dialog” asks for both the text and dialog.

  5. I just upgraded to version 0.4.4-2 on a Wordpres 2.5.1 installation – but this doesn’t work. The choosed buttons are not displayed in the plugin setup page (on the bottom) and not after the comments. Prior versions of your plugin had no problems.

  6. Hello,It’s ok with V 4.4.3 plugin.But i have a small error code page:
    “Webpage Script Errors
    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; InfoPath.2; MSN Optimized;FR; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.30; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.648; MSN Optimized;FR)
    Timestamp: Sat, 24 May 2008 13:31:29 UTC
    Message: ‘ed.controlManager.get(…).id’ a la valeur Null ou n’est pas un objet.
    Line: 24
    Char: 6
    Code: 0″Thanks.

  7. I’m trying to change the size of the text box, as it is too wide for my site’s theme. I saw a previous note that the COLS property should be changed in the TEXTAREA string. Where is this info located? Thanks for a great plugin!

  8. Hello! I’m using WP 2.5.1 and WP default theme… I activated your plugin, I added buttons in the control panel but still your plugin doesn’t show on my blog.I tried an older version and I still get this problem. I also tried to change theme with no success.Can you please tell me what to do? ;_;

  9. @Fr. Daniel In WordPress dashboard, go to “Theme editor” under “Design”. Click “Comments(comment.php)” on the right. Search the line with id=”comment” in the textarea on the left, and change the value of “cols” in the same bracket. The larger the wider.

  10. I just add something else… If I use your latest version new comment windows doesn’t appear EVEN in preview.I tried using FF and IE…I also tried to install both of your plugins into a 2.5 WP and change layouts.I really cannot understand why it doesn’t work.Maybe I should activate Akismet?Please let me know… ;_;Thank you so much in advance.

  11. @Marylain Could you tell me what theme you are using? Could you see the box in the theme “WordPress Default”? Do you also have other plugins that are “enhancing” the comment box?

  12. Hi ^^About the theme I’m using: WordPress Dafult 1.6 and no, obviously I cannot see your box in this theme.The only plugin I was using was Easy Gravatars… I tried to deactivate it but I’m still not able to let your comment box show.What can I do? ;_;

  13. I really, really want to use this plugin, but my blog is also configured to use Quoter, which is unfortunately disabled.

    Since Quoter is no longer being developed, does anyone care to try to hack it to work with this plugin or vice versa?


    Gene Steinberg

  14. I am sorry to say – 0.4.4-3 still does not work with WP 2.5.1. The configuration page is displayed – but at the bottom the choosed buttons are not displayed and the buttons are not displayed with comments.

  15. Options: Nothing enabled.Buttons in use: bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, separator, undo, redo, separator, link, unlink, separator, cleanupPlugins in use: noneUser CSS: noneI don’t see any JavaScript error – but I will re-check it again and I’ll have a look if there is a problem in connection with other plugins.But as already wrote in my first post: Prior versions of your very helpful plugin had no problem.

  16. Sorry – agian. Is it possible to  give more informaton which string(s) the plugin searches in the comment.php to insert the button bar? Perhaps my used theme (Daleri Selection 1.0) has no standard values.

  17. Thanks for the FAQ.All themes I have in the theme folder have the file “comments.php” and not “comment.php” as you wrote in FAQ (typo?).Besides this my used theme has the ID “comment” in the textarea definition and the php line you wrote in FAQ.

  18. I tried to use a default theme of WP – but without any success. As far as I already wrote the buttons are not displayed in the setup page of your plugin, neither.
    In the plugin directory I don’t find any “settings.js”.
    I tried your new version 0.4.4-4 – no success

  19. @theddy The plugin directory is wp_install_dir/wp-content/plugins/tinymcecomment/ .
    If the file wasn’t there you may open wp-config.php at the root of the installation, see if there’s a line with define(‘WPLANG’, ‘en’); . if not, please add it back (or change ‘en’ to the code of your language)

  20. In plugins directory of tinymcecomment I see the files: readme.txt, screenshot-1.png, screenshot-2.png, tinyMCEcomments.php.But in tinyMCEcomments.php I see on line 11define(‘SETTINGS’, dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/settings.js’);but there is no file like this.The “define(‘WPLANG’,de’); is in wp-config.php a very long time – I never changed this.

  21. I’m sorry MK,I downloaded your latest version of the plugin.Unfortunately now I cannot see your comment box by using IE6.It still works fine with FF.Plus another question: is there a way to add an emoticon button together with the others?If yes, how?I also installed Advanced TinyMCE.Thank you. ^^

  22. The mouse-over texts for the buttons are displayed now. In the setup first I deinstalled all buttons and then I reinstalled them again – and the texts are displayed now.

    One thing I found: The button “blockquote” seems not to work.

  23. @theddy For the blockquote I think that should be a bug. In the meantime you may go and edit the plugin PHP in the dashboard, find the line with


    and add blockquote to the string.

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