mceComments 0.4.6

居然在寫這篇文章之前就有 bug report…

不說這個,因應 2.7 所作的改動,順便兼容另一個插件,又將版本編號推上了一小格。既然只是轉 revision number,也表示這一次不會有功能上的新增(別打我別打我)…

2.7 後面轉變也挺多的,最少我看見後台編輯版面又復古,只用了純 JavaScript 沒壓縮沒怎樣的把設定和翻譯檔送到客戶端… 怪哉。

-1 版則僅僅解決編程時的一時大意之誤… 羞家死了

25 thoughts on “mceComments 0.4.6

  1. I’m having the same problem as I-MAN on my WP 2.7 site. I add buttons and update the settings, but nothing appears where the buttons should be. :-(

    I also don’t see any settings.js…where should that be? (Sorry, I know I’m still a total n00b…)

    I’ve had to deactivate the plugin for now.

  2. @mk : Er…to clarify, mceComments will work, but prevent CommentLuv from working. Have brought this to the attention of the CommentLuv developer. (Same thing also happened with an alternative MCE-enabler for the Comments field… :-( )

  3. Thanks for the reply mk, the problem with people typing out their html is not on my site it’s on a client site, so I will try to make a note at the comments box to please use the buttons, not html code. Thanks.

  4. I just upgraded WordPress to 2.7.1. However, MCEComments 0.4.6-1 will no longer let me logout. Whenever I click on ‘Logout’, it gives me the error message:

    You are attempting to log out of <name of blog>

    Please try again.

    It is such an obvious bug, I’m shocked that no one else has reported it.

  5. It appears to me that the problem is associated with the ‘nonce’. If you logout from the admin page, it works because of ‘&_wpnonce=<some number>’ appended to ‘/wp_login.php?action=logout’. But if you try to logout from the MCEComment, there is no _wpnonce specified and appended to the wp_login.php command. It’s not a question of tinkering with WordPress login, but of making sure you’re using the nonce.

  6. Mystery solved. WordPress changed the way the logout url is generated, and this affected third-party themes such as the one I’m using. I need to use the following method:

    <?php echo wp_logout_url(get_permalink()); ?>
    Damn WordPress! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!!

  7. I really love your plugin, but somehow the reason for what I wanted to use it is not working. When guests try to add html to the comment it doesn;t show up. SO they are not able to post for example a youtube video…

    Do you know what I can do about it?

  8. Hi,
    I agree with everyone, this is a very nice pug-in; very clean and intuitive. TY!

    I was wondering if anyone was experienced general screen refreshing lag times since installing this plug-in?


  9. After installing your comments plugin I see this annoying popup: if I write a comment and click on Send a pop-up appears saying ~This is not a comment~ I click OK in it, and click Send button again and the comment is published. Did someone else reported this problem too?

    • @Kesepian Sorry for my late reply. I have never met with that problem before… COuld you also list what other comment related plugins installed on your WordPress?

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