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  1. I have WP. 2.71 and the last MCE Comments plugin instaled.
    The box titles apeear like advanced.bold_desc and in the link option all is like {#advanced_dlg.link_titlefield}
    I read Mk suggestion about read the faq, install and reinstall,  but really, how to correct this?

  2. I love your Plugin. 😉
    I have any problems about the Comments Field on my WebSite.
    I see with Firexfox two windows from  your Plugin….
    What Can i do… to correct this problem….??????
    My English is not very good….. :(
    LG bandes

  3. Hi, I have a question about your plugin MCEcomments. I didn’s see any comment form in its own post. and also I did’nt find your email address. (your site is not English 😉 )
    ok, your plugin works fine with commens.php. But does not work with comments-popup.php. could you please tell me how to fix it?
    Thanks in advance.
    ( you may delete my comment and answer me by my email)

  4. I like your plugin but comments appear differently when posted than in the editor.
    In the editor a new line creates a new paragraph, with blank space between the lines.
    When the final comment is posted, there are no P tags for paragraphs, but instead BR tags for new lines, so there is no blank space between paragraphs, and so the text is all scrunched up.
    Can you help? I had to disable the plugin because too many users were complaining that their comments differently once posted.

      • Actually I worked out how to fix it.
        Find the following lines in the plugin code (you can find the code by going to your list of installed plugins, finding TinyMCEcomments, and choosing Edit):
        ‘force_p_newlines’ => false,
        ‘force_br_newlines’ => true,
        And change to
        ‘force_p_newlines’ => true,
        ‘force_br_newlines’ => false,

  5. The plugin works great with FireFox and Chrome but not with Internet Explorer on my sites, like Nikwa wrote above.  However, it DOES work here for me.

    Is this a browser setting problem?

  6. Hi there
    I’ve got wpmu 2.7.1 with the latest tinymcecomments v0.4.8, but no luck with threaded comments yet.
    I see 2 bugs with it: in ie7,8,  every reply translated to new comment
    In ff when trying to reply to a comment the tinymce box get out of focus and there is no way to type anything anymore (+ if i wrote something before it’s gone…)
    any help, direction?

      • Hi,
        It looks like the code for comments in wp 2.7.1 & wpmu 2.7.1 is similar… maybe something’s wrong with the template/function.php ?
        If you have some time I will appreciate if you take a look:

  7. Pretty cool plugin, but I really need a plugin that allows the posting of images within the comments area.  But only for ADMINS or certain users.
    You may want to add that feature someday.

  8. Hello,
    I recently installed your plugin. Everything works just fine as long as I am logged into my admin account. However, for some reason, no one else – but an admin – can see or use the MCEComment box! Please help.
    Take care,

  9. Okay I figured out what is the problem. WP Ajax Edit Comments is conflicting with MCEComments. With WP Ajax Edit Comments turned on, MCEComments will only appear for admin. With WP Ajax Edit Comments turned off, MCEComments works for everyone.
    Is there any way to fix this?

  10. Hi. Thanks for this Plugin. I only have one problem: It seems that the localization doesn’t work. When I want to add a link, it is no problem but in the window I only see the names of the variables.
    Is there a solution?
    All the best

  11. Hi – I would really really NEED the upload file capability with your plugin, since I run a community based free contribution website – could you please guide me as to how I can incorporate this with the Tiny MCE – its JUST MARVELLOUS otherwise… somehow to allow uploading of files (but not PHP files).

    I tried using your plugin with Comments File Upload which allows people to upload stuff, but the two do not entirely work together. After a file is uploaded the link to it is not automatically pasted in the body of the comment…

    Please help!

    Thanks- support team.

  12. Problem: MCEComments and Tango Smileys Extended, when adding buttons with a drop-down  fontselect, fontsizeselect, forecolor etc, it ads the Tango Smileys button beside each one. Any ideas how to fix this without losing these options ?

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