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8 thoughts on “Self Comment Notification Filter

  1. Hello sumu, I will try to see what happens, and will post out an update in a few days. Thanks for your notice.

    Have you tried the scnf2.php link just below? It seems there are no differences for 2.0.0 and 2.0.1.

  2. I too just installed your plugin/hack & activated it. I published a test comment & promptly was notified of it by e mail.

    I’m using Wp 2.0. I’d love to find out what’s wrong. Skippy’s Not-to-Me plugin hasn’t worked for me for 6 months. I wish I could get yours or his working as I publish comments on my blog virtually every day.

  3. Hello Richard,

    I’ve added a line to the plugin script. May you please download it again and try if the problem still exists? I hope that would stop that annoying bug.

  4. I downloaded the most recent version (like 3 minutes ago) but it still didn’t work :(

    I don’t know why but I only began to receive notifications about my own comments recently. I didn’t had this problem before!

  5. Hello Tze Lun:

    Most probably the this filter is overridden by some other plugins you have. For example the Spam Karma 2 which also rewrite the “mail notification” function, will “override” the function provided by this plugin. To make my plugin work, either disable the plugin you suspected, or modify the plugin itself to make it work.

  6. Hi mk!
    That’s a GREAT plugin! Much thanks for it. I’m using it on wp 2.9.2 right well!
    Could you help me how I’d allow (hook) it to work  not only at back-end, but also when editing a particular comment on admin?
    (The latter  only allows  the quicktags, unfortunately there is not such similar switching between visual  and html editing a comment on admin  as there is when a post or page editing).
    I’ve some programming skill to resolve  by myself…however I ask you pls. giving  me some help of  instructions at my email how to do it. (It would be very important for me to resolve, because I manage a multi author CMS WP site, my hacked theme allows for authors/editors/admin to edit their own comments on any posts, but they can do it only at front-end admin. I’m not using any ajax commenting resolutions,  plugins, only TinyMCE advanced and the simple built in things.) Even it is not enough me to hack the quicktags at admin giving similar buttons as visual editing does,  it is annoying for them to use those in html mode, thus I’d like giving them similar visual editing possibility as there is on the back end).
    However, if you consider that is not so simple to resolve,  or explain me, I think that would be a great improvement of your plugin for everyone using if you could somehow to build into it allowing to switch between visual and html editing on admin Edit Comment too.

    Thank you for your answer. I’m awaiting for your best response :)

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