mceComment 0.4.8 Beta

Sorry guys have to keep you waiting. I have prepared new version 0.4.8 that should fixed the long anticipated nasty “Threaded Comment” bug. Seems the JS is not working as I have expected. Anyway, it’s here in the SVN dev trunk and you may get it from here to give it a try. Please kindly report bugs to here. Thanks for the long wait!

被人投訴了不知道多久,終於肯動手修改這個老問題了。當然,懶是主因。其次是 JavaScript 除錯工具都不太好用。Firebug 跑得很慢,Chrome 的指令除錯我完全不習慣…(罵吧!我是個只會用 GUI 除錯的傢伙) 居然最後會跑去找 IE 8 幫忙。老實說如果接觸開其他 IDE 的除錯工具,就會發現 IE 8 的除錯介面和功能比其他親切許多。諸如 evaluate,逐行執行這些基本東西都有… 其他工具加把勁吧!

問題就出在一個奇怪的地方,把 DOM Object 放到變數裡(技術上是把 pointer 指到 object),然後再修改成員,居然改不了,改成 document.getElementById().value 這樣又可以,奇哉怪也。所以每次寫 JS 都讓我很頭痛。真的。

MCEComment 0.4.7

順著 WordPress 2.8 的勢,我也順推 MCEComment 0.4.7 吧。

主要是整理了程式碼,順道加上了選擇皮膚(啥)的功能。另外在這裏要感謝 bforchhammer 網友為我提供了支援 threaded-comment 的方法。如今樹狀回應也可以用上 TinyMCE 啦(灑花)~

MCEComment 0.4.7 is out following the release of WordPress 2.8 (Brian)! The long awaited threaded comment support is here, thanks to bforchhammer’s devotion. Also you will be able to choose your own skin for the editor toolbar, and loading speed would improve a bit as I have done some cleanup on the code. Please report any bugs using the WordPress Support Forum or bug tracker.

Update: The threaded replies support is not working. To be exact it only work once when you load the page. I am finding out what’s wrong with it.